What Are Hip Flexors?

So, what are hip flexors and what can they do for you? For those who don’t know, hip flexors are the muscles in the upper torso that are located around the front of the pelvis. This is in conjunction with the glutes, which are the smaller muscles of the lower back and buttocks. When these muscles are used on a regular basis, it gives one a nice, flat abdomen and it also gives one a nice, well-rounded back. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of our hips and our lower backs are made up of these two muscles and therefore, having strong hip flexors can benefit you in many ways.

There are numerous studies out there that have shown that the best thing that you can do to improve your health is by strengthening your tight muscles. This means that you need to find a workout regimen that will help you build your tightest core or group of muscles in your body.

In addition, tight hip flexors can also be caused by injuries. One common example of this is when someone has to deal with an injury to their lower back. It’s very common for athletes to suffer from tight hips and tight hamstrings after some sort of extreme physical activity. Another way that these can occur is through being inactive for a period of time. Many people sit all day long and don’t get much exercise at all. The fact of the matter is that sitting down all day can definitely put an impact on your lower back and can contribute to tight hip flexors.

In addition, it has also been established that there are other things that play into the tightness of your hips. For instance, there is what is called reciprocal hypertrophy. This refers to the phenomenon of your hips becoming tighter if you have to move your arms. For instance, when you raise your legs from a seated position, your pelvic muscles can get tighter and get more exerted because of the weight that is being pushed onto them. This can lead to things like a left shin splint. If you need help with your hips check out: Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Reduce Pain, Improve Mobility and Overall Health.

Another factor that can play into the tightness of your hip flexors is called muscle imbalance. Many times our muscles become imbalanced because we do not have enough of one type of muscle or even more than one. Visit Fresh Fit Health for more articles about health and fitness. For instance, it has been established that some people actually have more quadriceps than hamstrings. If this is the case, then your hamstrings will also become tight because of the imbalance that is created.

The final factor that is known to cause what are hip flexor problems is injury. If you are an athlete, then you know about this all the time. For instance, if you were to sprain your Achilles, then chances are that you would not be able to fully function the right way to start the game the next day. The same thing goes for people who have been involved in a car accident.

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